Techno Geyser 20 Gallon Heavy Duty 10 Gauge

We provide gas geysers in the best quality at a reasonable price. Our geysers come with a thermostat (a device that keeps the temperature of the water at your desired level and controls its heat). Once your desired temperature of the water is achieved it keeps the temperature of your desired level. The thermostat keeps burner switched on till the required temperature is gained.


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Our brand exists since 1980 and we are serving our valuable customers with no compromise on quality. We value our customers. Our product is long lasting and according to our customers their geyser had more than 8 years of life. We have a different product range in geysers. 15 gallon, 20 gallon, 30 gallon, 50 gallon and it comes with three qualities 12/14 gauge, 10 gauge and 10 gauge Stainless Steel.
Our geyser provides a constant supply of water with faster water heating and saves your cost of utility bills. As an electric geyser consumes more energy, it makes it difficult for customers to afford. This is why gas geysers are mostly used in Pakistan as compared to other water heating sources. Gas geysers reduce your 50% cost as compared to electric geysers.  In households or in other places where water used in large quantities gas geysers is a reliable and better choice with the ability to supply hot water in a large volume.
Key Features:
It has imported Automatic Thermostat switch.
This helps in saving gas consumption to a considerable extent.
High-quality powder-coated external
 body is used for the safety of our valuable customers.
Techno geysers provide an incessant supply of hot water.
Gas geysers are a better choice for bigger families and also best for hospitals, schools, restaurants, and many other places with an efficient supply of hot water.  20 Gallon Techno geysers provide a consistent supply of water at the same time in 3 baths and 1 kitchen.
Gas geyser works by a gas burner located under the big tank to heat water and then deliver it through the pipelines.
• Keep the water warm for a long time
• Save more time and energy than other geysers.
• Easily installment and repairing design.
• Keep the temperature in control and prevent overheating.
• High hydraulic pressure protection.
• Techno geysers have control over the heating rate of water and also the level of water.
• Techno geysers consume less power and heat the water steadily.
• Techno geysers are suitable for large families with the ability of constant supply of water and large storage tanks.
• Techo geysers are easy to repair and don’t need electricity to heat water.
• It can run on house natural gas.
Our gas geyser is capable of heating within 20 minutes and while heating the water again the second time it heats water more quickly. Techno gas geyser is less costly as compared to electric geysers with no compromise on quality and efficiency.
Techno has several years of experience providing the best and leading quality service in the industry. We guarantee the best services and customer satisfaction. Our motto is providing the best quality service at reasonable prices for our valuable clients.
Our 15 gallon geyser provides continuous supply of water to 2 baths and 1 kitchen and Our Techno geyser of  20-gallon  provides a constant and continuous supply of hot water to 3 baths and 1 kitchen and so as storage increases more supply of water increases. Best suitable for home, hospitals, restaurants, schools, and almost every place as having a continuous supply of water. Fitted with American company Robert shaw thermostat(Assembled in China)
Terms and conditions.
Guidelines for claiming guarantee.
Techno offers 3 years of Guarantee of the tank and one year Guarantee of the thermostat.
Guarantee doesn’t apply in case of any:
Defect due to misuse of geyser
Use of saltwater
Normal wear and tear scratch or dent.

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